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Material Titanium Steel, Ceramic
Total Weight 11.00 g
Chain Length. 46.0 cm
Pendant Height 2.7 cm
Pendant Width 2.7 cm


Ninabox has become very professional in Jewelry area in these 30 years. From the development of an inspired on drawings to finishing jewelry model, this changing is surprising you with these richness ideas, and also offer an opportunity to select strong aesthetic jewelry. Ninabox own perfect design team and high level manufacturing workshops to produce wonderful jewelry for you.

The design team

Ninabox is using the best designers and manufacturers to create and develop the collections of jewelry: they own talents and professional skills with their passion to design the perfect jewelry for us.

The production process

We have used high technology to produce our high quality products since 1981, including carefully choosing our materials. Our expert is creating amazing original design jewelry for special you.

All jewelry will be packed in gift box which has NINABOX brand on top carefully. The box is covered with pink velvet and gray velvet. It is used to protect the jewelry against shocks and damage.

Before sending out each gift box, we will use Kraft paper box, which will be glued on the name and address.

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Titanium Steel Pendant Necklace with Black and White Ceramic

In the sight of artists' eyes, there exits only absolutly right or wrong, but no middle land at all. What we do is to put this clear view into the design of jewelry. By elaborate selecting, ceramic is picked up from hundreds of materials, since it stands for light and pure. What's more, the delicate character of ceramic interprets the artists' fragile and sensitive heart, which need tender loving care. The balck and white world is so simple and clear, so as the fashion style of it.
  • Titanium Steel Pendant Necklace with Black and White Ceramic
  • Availability: Out of stock


    REF.: NTW04371MD

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